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What Is The Difference Between IMAP And Pop Email

Knowing the answer to what is the difference between IMAP and pop email is offering a unique challenge when accessing mails on different platforms. The mechanism that each of them uses is what is creating a difference and to other people it is confusing. However only knowing the advantages of each and how you can manipulate each to your advantage can one benefit from the innovation.

The pop requires that a client downloads the emails to the PC for it to be accessed at any one time. Multiple access requires that the process be repeated every time which could be a problem for some people. The confusion is evident when one has to do it both at home and in the office. The danger is that the settings on you account may have caused them to be eliminated from the server.

IMAP comes with the advantage of not requiring the download of all mails for one to gain access. They are safely on the server and identification of those yet to be read is easy. This difference would be catastrophic for persons not in the know and therefore needs careful approach.

Another difference comes when clicking the button to check your new mails. This causes all the emails together with the attachment that come with them to be downloaded to the PC you are accessing from. It might take time and a number of MBs to do so which is worth noting from the word go.

The reverse is applicable and correct for the other protocol. Download of all mails does not occur by the mere fact that you would like to access those that have not been previously read. Downloading only materializes upon clicking in order to display the content in the mail and only for that particular one.

There is an additional feature on mailbox creation that will excite users in varying degrees. The pop application only allows one mailbox in the name of inbox to exist on the server. The rest can only exist once they have been created on the PC situated on ones desktop.

The reverse is possible and true with the IMAP which is a great advantage to the users. One can create as many mailboxes as is desired both on the desktop as well as on the server. The action is duplicated in these two areas and harmonized for ease in continuity and to allow you operate on different access points without losing track of what you were doing.

There are filters on your mail and they work differently on each of these platforms and in the process distinguish one from the other. Incoming and outgoing messages can only be filtered and transferred to the localized mail boxes. The distinction is different when one considers what is offered on the other protocol.

This filtering can be done to other areas in an easy and systematic way. The location of the mailboxes is not an issue meaning that its being on the server or the PC does not present a challenge or problem during filtering or transfer. Those who require such convenience have a choice to make.

There is another difference in the storage of the mails that have been sent or outgoing from your account. POP does so locally and access is therefore restricted to the desktop PC. This storage is different when a different platform is used and the benefits will be eminent upon trial.

There is a little more and better flexibility that can be achieved when using IMAP because of filtering of the mails is done. They are usually done on the server which offers a huge advantage to the user. This means that access is possible from different machines at whichever time one desires to do that.

Cleaning of the mailbox is not easy since clearing is only done on desktop PC. This action does not extend to the server presenting a challenge and requiring back and forth action on the same issue. This is a comparative inconvenience when placed alongside other possibilities that can be achieved on other platforms.

Cleaning ones mailboxes is a simplified act when placed on IMAP application. This ease is brought about by the fact that there is a reflection of the action that is taken on the one end at the desktop PC. This is extended to the server making it a onetime action that needs no repetition since it is complete from the word go.

POP is prone to disturbance because of corruption that may occur on the system files. This causes the messages that appear on the desktop to load and reload again without the command from the user. This could be confusing and disturbing and could cause other related issues with security.

This action has a possibility of occurring even on the IMAP application even though the frequency is not as much as on that previous one. This means that containing the damage is easy and could be cheaper to handle. This is an advancement that has been upgraded and brought more and admirable benefits to the users.

It is worth noting that the request on the data is one way with pop and this creates all the differences in these innovations. All that happens with the requested data from the server is not duplicated which might cause confusing. One will for instance find out that a message that was read on the phone is marked as not having been read when it is opened on PC.

The variation is very evident in the way communication takes place between the client and the server. POP has a one way and one off communication while IMAP has advanced this to create a double edged mechanism. It requires one to set up these differences so that conducting anything from one end is reflected on another application.

Understanding what is the difference between IMAP and pop email is restricted to the knowledge of the advantages of each. It can be a source of confusion especially for people with multiple work stations but can work incredibly well elsewhere. Adjustments scan be made at the settings by following a simple procedure and move on to see the change.

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